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Speechify started its journey in 2016. We are a group of teachers really passionate about teaching English. We wanted to make speaking fluent English easy for everyone. We discovered that most of the English learning solutions focus on rote learning, have large number of students in a live class and offer very little time for students to practice conversations in English. We wanted to offer a solution where students get maximum opportunity to practice speaking because we believe that is the most effective way to improve fluency. At Speechify, we offer private lessons with expert teachers. The courses are completely flexible. Students can choose time of their lessons. Students can also choose to practice with multiple teachers. Speechify is a professional women-driven program. As many of us could not pursue professional opportunities for a variety of reasons, our work at Speechify has given us an immense opportunity to utilize our skills and make a positive impact on the society. We work together to provide a cost-effective alternative for students to improve English fluency and teaching opportunity for work from home women teachers. If you want to work with Speechify as an online English teacher, send us an email at contact@speechify.in