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Speechify offers qualified and extensively trained tutors. Our teachers are detail oriented, polite, patient and well versed with online tutoring methods. This helps us to ensure that our online English classes are effective and help students in achieving fluency in English speaking. Our teachers are experienced in teaching students of all age groups. Their commitment has made Speechify the best online English speaking course!

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Speechify has a rigorous set of criteria for hiring a teacher. Our online English tutors go through a thorough appraisal process and are given extensive training in running effective online spoken English classes. We take student feedback very seriously and ensure that quality of our lessons is maintained at all times. Try a free demo lesson and see for yourself.

Private Online English Tutors

Looking for an online English tutor? At Speechify, our one-on-one online lessons help you reach your English fluency goals faster!

You can choose to learn from our panel of experienced English teachers. This helps you with identifying the best online English teacher who fits your personality and learning needs.

Not only you get your own private English tutor, but you can also define the pace of your lessons. You can customize lessons to match your language goals or you may choose to learn through our preset curriculums.

This ensures that you learn English in the manner that best suits you! You may choose to focus on improving spoken English fluency online or get your English grammar basics revised. Our English teachers also offer practice assignments that you may choose to work on in between your lessons.

Still not sure? Simply attend a trial demo lesson and get graded on your English language skills across 18 assessment criteria. Book a free demo lesson today!


12 Years Experience

Priya is a professionally qualified teacher with over 12 years of high school and online teaching experience. She applies innovative methods to teach English. She is an avid reader who loves to write as well. She is an expert in designing online English speaking courses.


7 Years Experience

Riya has 7 years of experience in teaching Spoken English and she has taught more than 300 students with Speechify. She is an expert at delivering highly successful online English speaking courses. She loves travelling to new places and listening to music.


3 Years Experience

Su loves to teach English. She has more than 3 years of experience of teaching English to college students and professionals. She enjoys writing and spending time with her family


3 Years Experience

Mani has more than 3 years of experience in teaching. She also has 10 years of experience in finance industry.


8 Years Experience

Samanta has more than 8 years of teaching English and Spanish to more than 500 students. She loves teaching and travelling. She has a unique way of delivering online English speaking courses in India and students love her courses.


3 Years Experience

Sam is a very friendly teacher who is well versed in the English language. He implements a comprehensive teaching plan to make sure students get the best out of each lesson.


10 Years Experience

Rachel has professional teaching experience of 10 years with various age groups. She is passionate about teaching and loves travelling, cooking and meeting new people.


7 Years Experience

Reena has over 7 years of experience in the field of Soft skills Learning and Development. She is a Green Belt Six Sigma Practitioner working on business communication skills. She enjoys playing board games, reading and cooking.


3 Years Experience

Vani, a poet & a literature enthusiast has a passion for teaching. She is a qualified English teacher and has been teaching English for 3 years.


7 Years Experience

Sandy is a professional trainer and has trained many professional over the course of her career.


7 Years Experience

Sree has 7 years of experience in online teaching. For her teaching is just not a profession but a passion as well. She believes in motivating and inspiring students to help them achieve their dreams.


4 Years Experience

Leena enjoys teaching students of all age groups. She has helped more than 200 students in their English speaking skills.


5 Years Experience

A lawyer by profession, an ardent reader, and an adventurer by heart, Richa is also passionate about teaching English to students, and improving their speaking skills and fluency. She has helped more than 100 students gain confidence in both, their professional lives, as well as personal.


2 Years Experience

Ash has a Masters in Brand Management. She is also a certified English teacher who has taught many students. Ash teaches in a fun, interactive, personalized and target driven manner. She loves travelling and experiencing new cultures.


2 Years Experience

Candy has two years of experience in teaching English to students of all age groups. She specially likes teaching kids.


19 Years Experience

Aftab is a Montessori trained, Art graduate with 19 years of teaching experience. She has taught more than 1500 students .Aftab inspires and motivates her students to gain self confidence and help them achieve their goals.


2 Years Experience

Yeerina loves teaching. She has taught student of all ages. She loves to play sports.


2 Years Experience

Versha is passionate about teaching English and loves interacting with people. She believes that teaching is a great honor and works hard with her students. She has a teaching experience of 2 years


2 Years Experience

Omi has a Master's in English Literature and is passionate about teaching English, trekking and photography. He teaches English in an interactive, personalized & fun way.


5 Years Experience

Kumud is a professional English tutor and has helped many students in improving their English speaking and soft skills. She has also assisted students in preparing for interviews, public speaking and email writing skills.


2 Years Experience

Farah has 2 years of experience in teaching students from all age groups. With her experience of working in various corporates, she has a unique perspective. She enjoys reading, cooking, listening to music, Urdu poetry and philosophy.


6 Years Experience

Ana has a Masters in English and has more than 6 years of experience as a Senior English teacher. She is a successful host and MC. She is passionate about dancing, travelling, exploring new places and adventure sports.


5 Years Experience

Shifa has more than five years of experience in teaching students of all ages. She is an MBA and enjoys travelling and public speaking.


3 Years Experience

Nivtta is a is well versed in the English and has more than 3 years of teaching experience. She has taught students of all ages. She enjoys dancing , travelling and music in her free time.


2 Years Experience

Fatima is an engineer and loves teaching English. She is also passionate about calligraphy, sketching and adventure sports.


5 Years Experience

Radha has more than 5 years experience in training students of all age groups in various aspects of English language and especially communication skills.


5 Years Experience

Pooja has a BA in English and a certificate in TESOL from New York University. She has more than 5 years of experience in teaching English to both adults and children. She enjoys singing, writing and cycling.


15 Years Experience

Shanaz is a certified IELTS and soft skills trainer with more than 15 years of experience. She is an avid reader and loves interacting with people.

Questions for our Teachers

Our teachers are well trained and come with a minimum of at least 2 years of teaching experience. All of our teachers have taught many students various aspects of English be it Spoken English, English Grammar lessons, English vocabulary improvement or English writing lessons. Our teachers specilaise in one to one tailored exercises for our students and can make simple lessons interesting to learn.

At Speechify, you can study with the English teacher of your choice. For every lesson, you have an option to select your teacher. You may continue with the same teacher or choose a different teacher for the next lesson. In this way, you can try and see which teacher is best for you.

Yes. After each lesson, you will give a rating about your class (1 to 5 with 5 being the highest) and can also share your written feedback. You can also send us an email to contact@speechify.in or reach us through call/ whatsapp. You can report a lesson in our system if you have any problems and difficulties with a teacher and we will solve your problem at the earliest.

Yes. We have teachers available 24/7. So, you can make an appointment at any time best suited to your requirement.

You can make an appointment with any teacher on our web system. After making the payment, we will send your login details to our web system in your email and WhatsApp. In the web system, you can see all the teachers and their available slots / schedules. You can then arrange a meeting at your convenience. You can also cancel the class or report a problem, if any, with the web system.