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Our teachers are well trained and have at least 2 years of experience. All of our teachers have taught many students various aspects of English. Our teachers are experts in doing speaking exercises and can make a lesson really interesting for everyone

At Speechify, you can study with any teacher you like. For every lesson, you have an option to select your teacher. You can continue with the same teacher or choose a different teacher. In this way, you can try and see which teacher is best for you.

Yes. You can send us an email to newspeechify@gmail.com. You can also report a lesson in our system if you have any problems and difficulties with a teacher and we will solve your problem at the earliest.

Yes. We have teachers available 24/7. So, you can make an appointment at any time you want.


You can pay by credit card. Once you finish your trial lesson, we will share a payment link with you on email and WhatsApp. You can pay using your credit card. It is very safe and one-time payment only. We do not store your credit card information.

Students can make payment in USD.

Yes. If students had not made an appointment within one week of payment and do not want to continue, they can refund. Refund will be processed within 2 weeks of the request.

Students need not worry. If you do not finish all the lessons in a plan, you can buy a new plan and unfinished lessons will be added in the new plan.

How We Teach

There are 2 types of lessons. You can make an appointment for a 30-minute lesson or 60-minute lesson.

Yes. You can cancel your appointment at least 4 hours before the lesson. You will not get any penalty for cancellation.

Every student gets a free lesson for 60 minutes. In the free lesson, we try to understand your needs and goals. Students get to see our learning method. We answer all your questions during the free trial lesson.

You can make an appointment with any teacher from our web system. After you make the payment, we will send you login details to our web system on your email and WhatsApp. In the web-system, you can see all available teachers with timings. You can easily make an appointment at your convenience. You can also cancel the lesson or report a problem from the web system.

Study Materials

Speechify provides free study material for everyone. You can choose your own lessons based on your level and interest, or the teacher can suggest a lesson. We have lessons for speaking improvement, grammar improvement, and writing improvement. Our reading material focused on teaching new words and correct usage of grammar. 

Yes. It is absolutely free. You can download and save on your mobile and computer.

Yes. Students are free to use their own study material. Our teachers will be more than happy to help you.