4 simple tips to learn spoken English online

4 simple tips to learn spoken English online

To learn English online is now more common than before thanks to the rapid rate of digitalization in today’s globalized markets, at a pace accelerated unprecedently by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Online spoken English classes are now more evolved in terms of their course curriculum, online lesson delivery with a more customized approach to addressing individual students needs as well in the form of one-on-one online live English classes.

Most online speaking courses either offer private lessons or group tuitions. The first step towards enrolling for an online spoken English course is to identify what is the appropriate learning style for you. We have covered this in-depth in our blog article - https://www.speechify.in/en/blog/why-are-one-on-one-english-speaking-lessons-better-than-group-tuitions

The best (read faster) outcomes for an online English communication course are the conversational style of learning method. Conversational English classes online emphasize much more time on spoken English practice than traditional learning formats. Other than individual attention towards the learner, the online English tutor also is able to customise lessons at a progressive pace.

After researching on the type of online English speaking course format be it private lessons or group tuitions, once you enrol the next steps towards English fluency will involve some common effort or as we call it smart work. So, lets learn the simple 4 tips that will improve your online spoken English learning.

Tip 1- Inculcate it in your everyday life

The best online English speaking classes will be worth the money and time only if you practice spoken English in your daily life. This need not be an extravagant effort but a mundane activity that you can do daily and effortlessly. Simple things like reading English classics and making a note of all English phrases, identifying grammar tenses in newspaper articles or business magazines, greeting people in English, writing down your daily to-do lists or a description of the day in English etc. Simple efforts like these will ensure that English becomes a part of your daily life and is not restricted to only the few learning hours!

Tip 2- Focus on incremental progress

At Speechify, we believe that consistent spoken English practice helps in improving fluency in English speaking. Any goal when broken down into simple actionable steps will make it more doable and less overwhelming. An interesting article “The Power of Small Wins” by the HBR highlights that human psyche benefits from daily progress and this in turn fuels motivation to achieve goals faster. Hence, as a learner if you break down your goal in the form of daily exercises, you are bound to achieve consistent results in your online English speaking journey. 

Tip 3- Identify what works for you -

Just as we discussed before that identifying your learning method is important while choosing an online course in English so are other aspects like the online teacher for English speaking or the type of course curriculums. This may be an online professional English speaking course or an online advanced English speaking course that you may seek. Most fluency English speaking courses have no fixed curriculums and prioritise students’ learning needs over fixed lesson formats. This is really helpful since no two learners are the same and hence customised learning delivers more results.

Tip 4- Combine learning with a hobby –

Learning any topic can become cumbersome at some point and your motivation levels may drop in the learning journey. And thus, combining a hobby with your learning goals may help to an extent, provided there are synergies. For example, if you love reading books make it a point to read English classics, or you can watch English movies with subtitles to observe different slangs and accents. Another fun way is to have a conversation with a virtual assistant device like Alexa or Siri to see if your sentence formation is correct.

Any of the English communication classes online may have different pros and cons. But “Rome wasn't built in a day" and the same applies in gaining command over any foreign language - including English. It takes time, perseverance, and a lot of practice to master the skills. The effective acquisition of English lies predominantly in the repetition and practicing what has been learnt, rather than searching for and looking for new tricks/ tips. The tools and platforms are available for everyone. It is your responsibility to use those effectively and improve your English skills.

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