Best YouTube Series to Learn English Online

Best YouTube Series to Learn English Online

To learn English language is tricky but not impossible. Do you find yourself confused or overwhelmed as to where you must begin? With so many online spoken English classes coming up and each of these claiming to be the best online English speaking course in India, it has become imperative to have your own shortlisting framework.

We have covered multiple articles in the past on this topic- be it lesson delivery, course structure, choosing an online English tutor, spoken English lesson types and so on.

We are now living in an era where technological advances are common, just look at the success and acceptance rate of online English speaking course! This is true for language learning as well. Now learning English is easier just with a couple of taps- all you require is your laptop or your phone and a good internet connection. One such platform is YouTube

YouTube series to learn English online

YouTube is a great platform for English learners. There are many channels as well as series to help the learners learn English. Almost every video can be watched with subtitles, played at slower speeds, paused and replayed at your own convenience.

Web series are great to watch as they are shorter than TV shows. Unlike shows on Netflix or TV, web Series on YouTube are available for free. you do not need to pay for these shows. A good internet connection is all that is required to watch a web series. An average episode of most web series is between very short, lasting up to four minutes, which means that learners can quickly re-watch an episode in one sitting, if needed. This way one can easily memorize the words and focus on details such as pronunciation, intonation and accents. I also find them simpler and easier to comprehend in terms of story.

Here are seven YouTube series you can start with to learn English online.

  • Great Big Story

Great Big Story is about the people around the world who are doing great things. This web series captures all these individuals from different countries, making mini-documentaries of about a few minutes every week. They have uploaded more than a thousand videos till now.

The show is mainly in English, but you may find people speaking other languages because they belong to different regions of the world. However, an English translation is always available. The best part is that none of the episodes are very long, and thus you can repeat each video many times and practice your speaking and listening skills.

  • Convos with my 2 Year Old

“Convos” is a casual short form of the word “conversations.”

Children are kiddish and the way they talk can be funny. But just imagine, when a child still spoke in a similar way when he grew up! Well, this is the story of this web series.

Created by the father of a two-year-old girl, each episode of this series shows a real incident that took place between them. However, the actors who are playing the kids are grown up but still in baby clothes which makes it funny and comical.

This series is best for beginners since the content is short, hilarious and easy to understand, and the whole series is about conversations and interactions between English speakers.

  • What's Underneath

This series talks about clothes that one likes to wear and not what others say is good. You'll find a lot of interesting people interviewed who have achieved something in their life. They talk about how they select clothes and why they wear them and what does outfit mean to them.

It is best for intermediate English practice since the series is all about conversing with interesting people. Apart from learning English, you'll learn about fascinating individuals who have different perspectives on life.

  • Vox Borders

This series gives answers to the questions related to borders, their importance and how lives of the people get affected living around them. This new show takes us all around the world and asks very insightful questions about how particular borders have specific consequences. It takes us through different subjects and even global warming to help us understand the lives of people divided by borders.

This series is good for learning formal English. It has a clear and steady background voice which will enhance your capacity and help you learn easily.

  • The Guild

This series is about an avid gamer who likes to talk to people through the internet rather than meeting them in person. It is about the strange and awkward life of a girl named Cyd Sherman who likes to play online games called MMOs.

MMOs are “Massively Multiplayer Online” games, and they are known throughout the world. Generally, gamers who spend a lot of time playing these games have less social skills and very few real-life friends.

This series uses these perceptions to tell a funny story about Cyd, who wants to spend more time in the real world rather than the make-believe digital one. But she faces various problems that are solved by her online friends rather than the “real” people she knows.

This series is in a vlog format, good for learning casual English for intermediate-level learners.

  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

“J” is an African American woman who works at a call center and hates her job. She generally faces a lot of issues connecting with people and is unaware about how she should talk to them. We see "J" breaks up with the love of her life and, to overcome the grief, she starts writing rap lyrics in the beginning of the series.

The show is great for hearing different accents spoken across the USA. It is also good for learners who love rap music and hip-hop.

  • The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

If you love horror, this one's for you. This web series also falls into that category, but it uses a format called the “vlog.”

The series is about a girl who talks about her new house and the many ghosts that live in it along with her family. The best thing is that since they are pretending to be real, all the conversations that the characters have with each other also sound natural. Most of the dialogues are short and casual and their videos are best for practicing English daily.

YouTube has a wide variety of resources to choose from, and hence it is a great platform to learn English. With so much content available on YouTube, you can learn and practice various English-related topics. Making use of a variety of materials can promote learning, can help you improve your English. YouTube is a good option for those who want to learn English at their own pace and time, and these series will help you build your vocabulary and speaking skills. Apart from these, there are numerous YouTube channels which can help you learn and practice English too. Keep watching! Keep learning!

Contributed by : Anjana Dutta

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