Building a Better Vocabulary-English Language Learning tips

Building a Better Vocabulary-English Language Learning tips

Building a rich vocabulary will not only help you professionally, but it will also open your mind to new things. Learning new words creates an interest to learn, thereby improving your communication skills. Online English-speaking courses in India as well as globally identify vocabulary as the toughest hurdle in language learning.

A vocabulary is a set of familiar words within a person's language. A vocabulary, usually developed with age, serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Acquiring an extensive vocabulary is one of the largest challenges in learning a second language.

Thus, when learning English online or otherwise, enrichment of vocabulary can benefit you socially by helping you understand the ideas of other people in a better way. There are innumerable ways by which you can build a strong vocabulary.

Why is  good vocabulary necessary for language learning?

We come across so many words on a day-to-day basis but it is difficult to remember them all as we do not use them in our speech every day. You may have learned some words simply by coming across them in reading, in conversation, or while watching television and in many other instances. But to keep all the words in mind requires a dedicated approach, such as using them in your daily routine.

Development of vocabulary enables a learner to speak, write, and read confidently. Studies show that the proportion of "difficult" words in a text is an extremely important predictor of the difficulty of the text, while the size of a person's vocabulary is the best predictor of how easily the text could be understood by that person.

Vocabulary builds over time. It develops with continuous reading and regular communication in English. Most online English speaking courses validate the innumerable benefits of building a rich vocabulary. A good vocabulary aids in developing comprehension skills as well as mastering the English language. Learning a new word is understanding the whole process. When you listen and try to comprehend unfamiliar words, you also understand the entire context in which the word is used. This whole process helps you to understand what the speaker or narrator is trying to propose.

With a rich vocabulary, you will not sound repetitive and you can present your thoughts in a much effective way and thus create a good impression. When you communicate, you will be able to analyse the repetition of the words and try expressing your ideas with maximum impact. At the same time, you will also be able to receive and process information in a better way.

Fun ways to learn English vocabulary

One of the best ways is to explore the variations of a single word. When you come across a new word, check for its antonym (opposite word) and synonym (similar word), or its connotation (additional idea or emotion connected with word), and so on. Just fifteen minutes a day of concentrated study on a regular basis can bring a change and improvement in your vocabulary skills, which in turn can increase your confidence and effectiveness. This process also helps in increasing your grasping ability.

Other than the above, there are many ways to expand vocabulary. As an online English tutor, I listing down a few ways that help my students improve English vocabulary:

  • 1. Reading: As I mentioned before, reading can be the most effective way to enhance English vocabulary. From reading comics to short stories, reading can open you up to new words and phrases. You can also try reading blogs related to your hobbies. For Example, if you are interested in cooking, you can read blog posts about cooking. These activities can be a great way to make yourself familiar with new English words.

2. Listening: Listening is fundamental to development of language. Apart from reading, vocabulary enrichment can also be done via songs or hearing audio books or may be just attending a webinar or a workshop. Listening to songs will not only increase your vocabulary, but also aid in enriching enunciation and pronunciation.

3. Watching English Movies or Shows: It is a fact that learning becomes efficient with visual cues. Watching English movies, series or shows can help you not only in learning new words but also in pronunciation. Now, watching television is more than just a hobby; you will learn a lot and also be exposed to the context of the word or phrase.

4. Writing: Writing is also an effective method to enrich vocabulary. When you are writing, you might find some repeated words being used. Try using a dictionary or simply Google and look out for synonyms. This exercise will help expand your vocabulary and thereby, improve your writing skills. Secondly, you can keep a journal of your day in English too. This way you will be able to incorporate new vocabulary into sentences and also check your understanding of new words.

5. Conversing: That’s not a surprise, right? We all are aware that having a conversation helps to gain input on the word usage and pronunciation while broadening your vocabulary. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate on a daily basis and keep the conversation going. It can be with your friend, online English teachers or any other person whom you are comfortable sharing your views with. Also, don’t forget to ask questions or get feedback. Receiving comprehensive feedback or asking questions are essential when it comes to how to increase vocabulary in English. The best way is to ask for clarifications when you encounter a new word and not hesitate to ask for the meaning and the usage of that particular word.

6. Word Games: Utilizing word games is another effective strategy for increasing vocabulary. Your students may be more engaged with you when you are teaching them with picture compositions or any word games as these activities are more fun and engaging. All these activities, especially word games, are fruitful for building vocabulary. Several online spoken English courses use Flash cards as part of their vocabulary building assignments.

There are many other vocabulary building strategies which can be used for vocabulary building such as having your own mini dictionary where you can jot down some new words every day from wherever you have heard. It will be more effective if you try injecting these words into your daily conversations. Moreover, it is mandatory to listen to the other person to learn something new, therefore you need to have good listening skills.

Remember, one approach may not be enough. Although, the above steps will definitely reinforce your learning and speed your progress immediately. You can expand your vocabulary as quickly as you want. You already know a lot of words and there is never an end to learning. Then, why not start today?

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