English communication skills that will make you successful in the workplace

English communication skills that will make you successful in the workplace

Communications skills be it in English or any other language in the workplace are crucial to your success. As an online English communication course, we offer spoken Business English lessons to many working professionals and also job aspirants.

The best online English speaking courses in India will even have an entire segment dedicated towards polishing English communication skills. The primary communication skills are speaking, listening, reading and writing (applicable to all languages).

Speechify being an online spoken English course, we offer a variety of spoken English assignments for our students. Our students get to practice these with our online English tutors who offer practical and customised solutions. However, no amount of practice or course structures will really help you unless you understand the basics of English communication.

Since English is a globally spoken language in the workplace, today we will be addressing some basic habits and tricks that will help you in your daily office encounters.

Confidence- Its ok if you are still not fluent in English or your pronunciations are all over the place or your English accent is thick. Do not hold back on your ideas or be embarrassed about your speech. Be proactive, approach people more. Your colleagues will hear you out if you have good ideas. Your confidence and not your language delivery alone will help you get recognised. So be proactive and voice out your great ideas!

Respect- Human beings thrive on respect. No aggressive or arrogant talks will help you make friends in the work place. An important communication skill yet the most underrated one is listening to others when they speak. When you hear out someone patiently, your attitude reflects respect for that person since you are making an effort to really listen to what they are saying. Most of us do not really listen, we just speak irrespective of what the other person has to offer. A good communicator is always a good listener. Respect is always mutual; more you respect others more shall you receive!

Clarity and conciseness- Another great communication tip is to be crystal clear in one’s speech as well as in writing. And this is where a great English vocabulary will help you. Clarity in thought as well as in writing is extremely essential in the work place. Your work and work place conversations will be more efficient. We encourage our students to speak freely and ask as many questions as required to have clear communication. Conciseness in communication means conveying your message in least possible words. The key here is to avoid repetition and elimination of wordy expressions.

Reliability- Be truthful towards your co-workers. Honesty is workplace is legally binding. Always verify messages you receive and speak factually. Avoid unnecessary gossip as this can adversely affect your reputation in the work place and can be cruel towards the people you are bad mouthing about. Honesty is absolutely essential in your workplace communications as this will define your rapport with your co-workers in the workplace.

Empathy- Another underrated communication skill is empathy. Address people by their names, smile and encourage them in daily small chatter. Withhold judgemental talks and respect their perspective. Empathy makes work place environment conducive for all involved. In today’s globalised work places, our co-workers come from different cultural background. Be empathetic towards their cultural disparity, respect their mannerisms and if you are comfortable learn their ways of greeting, small talk etc.

Though these may seem simple or as our students put it” Isn’t this common sense or something expected out of you?” But honestly, not many of us are able to maintain this balance. Burdened by our daily chores and other humanly emotions, we are bound to procrastinate and even trap our minds in the negative mental loophole.

Since these tips are simple, we encourage that you be consistent in your practice. Appreciate your small wins at the workplace and be humble when you make mistakes. But keep at it!

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