English learning tips for Beginners- English Movies and Books to read

English learning tips for Beginners- English Movies and Books to read

Most learners struggle with what and how to study in order to be fluent in English. Even the best online English speaking course in India will lose ratings if they are unable to clearly define self-learning mediums for their students. Undoubtedly all three levels- beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are crucial and need specific reference and focus when it comes to consuming media for learning English.

It is necessary to understand that all the material available around us is not for us until we have learnt a few basics. Online English tutors generally recommend books, reading, watching and learning which helps him or her to gain confidence rather than consuming too much information that in most cases causes more harm than is helpful.

As an advanced English student, you should watch all English movies however as a beginner and intermediate learner you should focus on some dedicated movies where the entertainment is provided with emphasis on simple format of the language.

At our online English classes, the following are some of the best recommended movies and books which are very beneficial for beginners and to some extent for intermediate learners are listed below.

English movies for Beginner Level English students:

Toy story –

As an online English speaking course in India this is our favourite recommendation. The entertainment quotation is high along with the pick-up of English is very enjoyable way. This is computer-animated series.

The Terminal –

This is a story of a man who could not go back to his country due to war and is stuck at the airport due to some complication. it is a must watched and easy dialogues help you enjoy this class movie.

Cast Away –

How a man got trapped on an Island alone and how he survived and lived. It is a great tale to tell and witness. In addition, the dialogues are simple to understand.

Forrest Gump –

It is also a very famous movie which has a great story about a runner and what his life experience. Again, here the language used in the movie is quite simple and basic to pick up and makes it a perfectly watchable.

The Hangover –

A hilarious movie about four friends which is again recommended for enjoyment along with learning English.

The list definitely does not end here for sure but the list above is a good start, you can then move onto watching movies with English subtitles. Try different genres and pause often to understand what the dialogues, slangs, accents etc of the characters involved.

Books for Beginner level English learners:

As an online English teacher these are few books which every student must try.


This effort of the novelist is appreciated as this story of a life after death. It is presented in uncomplicated and simple language and making it best for picking English grammar.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The English vocabulary especially targets beginner level is significantly remarkable. This is one classic little book with the prefect presentation of the language to get to the core of it.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

As the name suggests, it is surely going to be an engaging and intriguing reading material for English learners. There are lots of writing styles here which brings out the best of the language and can be easily adapted.

Mr.McGee and the Blackberry Jam

Simple presentation of the thought with the use of vowels and rhymes is the most attractive point of this novel.


The author of this book, Roald Dahl is recommendable for reading as in its presentation there is so much to learn and gain that any English learners can relate to. This novel is one of the best to build good English. Very creative and impressive work and definitely should not be given a miss.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

The refined way of applying grammar and vocabulary is well presented in this novel. Although it is classic work of art but till date it has its presence and can be considered for improving English performance at any given time. This is again recommended by main learners who have seen great impact of this book. The plot is simple, yet creative, and the simplicity of the language is its most key factor for recommendation.

Very British Problems

Next in the series is work, which added value to English communication. You will find many interesting facts and styles of expressing in English with use of satire and sarcasm. This is an interesting angle of writing, and you will find boosting for your direction towards English learning.

How to Talk Like a Local

Last but not the least, this novel again put its presence in improving English communication. You will find local dialects and vocabulary which would be easy to understand and perform. Anyone looking for enhancing English knowledge must read this book.

The DON’T’S while learning English:

Also, to include an important topic in same context– THE DON’Ts FOR LEARNING ENGLISH especially when you are just beginning.


Since native speakers are quite comfortable in their speech and language, they would often speak fluently and can confuse and puzzle the new learners unnecessarily.

So, it is very important to listen English but from the native speak of your country. You would be able to understand words and language much better. Watch program where you can find the speaker is from your country or location.


It is also very necessary to follow one accent, either American or British, either are the most widely used ones. This will help you in understanding the language easily and fast. You will find some difference in the sounds, pronunciation and speaking of both so sticking to one would be a calculative and supportive move. English is pronounced and spoken in many accents however American and British are most commonly found and recognized so choosing among them as per your need would be best decision.


We would like to stress on beginners and intermediate learners as this will yield positive results since the language used in kid’s program is usually elementary and effortless. All the cartoons based, and kids related English programs will keep you engaged and help in learning.

Read all moral stories of kids as they have proven to be very effective at this stage of communication. One hour or two should be dedicated to learning while entertaining in a language which is new for you.

There is so much material available online that it may be overwhelming and confusing to navigate through. However, keeping the end goal mind, start small with simple, actionable goals.


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