Figures of Speech- Alliteration

Figures of Speech- Alliteration

In our today online spoken English class blog series, we shall be discussing Alliterations at length. Alliteration is the most commonly used Figure of speech. Advertisers and marketing agencies have used them extensively for its unique and catchy rhetoric effect. Today we see alliterations in not only literature and poems but also in brand names, celebrity names, music and rhymes.

Figures of speech are used to make language inventively to accentuate the effect of what is being said. Spoken English fluency lessons in online English classes is one way where you can start learning them.

Online English speaking courses generally will generally cover them in Grammar function lessons. However, we recommend that learners should attempt learning basic definitions and must be able to identify one from the other. Regular practice and learning as many examples as possible is one way you can begin your learning journey.

What is an Alliteration?

In literature, alliteration is the conspicuous repetition of identical initial consonant sounds in successive or closely associated syllables within a group of words, even those spelled differently. It is constituted with two or more neighboring words, which mainly have the same consonant sound.

As a method of linking words for effect, alliteration is also called head rhyme or initial rhyme.

As an online English tutor, I encourage my students to learn the following widely used Alliterations, their meaning and the ways to use them –

Jump For Joy – (extreme happiness or joy)- My kids always Jump for Joy when they get to eat burger or ice cream.

Labor Of Love – (a work not paid but you do out of love)- My mother works in the kitchen all the time she says it is real Labor Of Love for her.

Mind Over Matter – (where thoughts are stronger than physical strength)- Try and do not give up you can score good marks in final exams…., Mind Over Matter!!

Rave Reviews – (people are checking and saying excellent things.) - The new movie is getting Rave Reviews by the audience.

Sorry Sight – (a sad, unpleasant sight to look- Watching people stuck in flood and dying is really a Sorry Sight.

Vice Versa – same treatment in reverse order as well. - If you give respect to others, they will give you back Vice Versa.

Daredevil – for someone who is ready to take big and dangerous risks as they enjoy it. - My elder brother is a real Daredevil and takes really big risks as he believes in the do or die policy.

Half-hearted – when you are ready to give your performance to its best or 100%- If you will do any work Half-heartedly you can never expect good results.

Work Wonders – An unexpected benefit or gain. - This new work from home job really Worked Wonders for me and I could manage both work and family.

Father Figure – a person who is not your father but treats you just like his own kids. - My uncle stays far away but he keeps in touch and he has been a Father Figure for me since my childhood.

Bated Breath – when we are very anxious and full of excitement. - We always wait with Bated Breath when we have a football tournament in our colony.

Now Or never – do the work right now at the time of saying or it will never happen- I decided to join the office else it will never get this kind of opportunity so it is Now Or Never for me.

Common Alliteration examples in Pop culture- Brand names and Famous personalities

Alliteration is commonly used in modern music but is also seen in magazine article titles, advertisements, business names, comic strips, television shows, video games and in the dialogue and naming of cartoon characters.

Let’s check out the few famous that are perfect specimen of Alliteration

  1. Peter Parker is an imaginary character that became a household name due to its connection with Spider-Man movies sequence.
  2. Fred Flintstone is another very popular animated character and became a household name in the ’60s.
  3. Jesse Jackson a prominent personality who is quite active in American politics and was quite active from 1991 to 1997.
  4. Kim Kardashian who has millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram and is quite known for her act in series Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  5. Marilyn Monroe is a well-known American actress which is remembered for her performance in comedic” blonde bombshell” characters.
  6. Micky Mouse an immortal comic character and was created by Walt Disney company in 1928 since then every household in American and many other countries is quite familiar with him.
  7. Ronald Reagan was elected president of the United States and he was the 40th in the series.
  8. Ryan Reynolds – a Canadian actor and have acted in many films and tv shows.
  9. William Wordsworth – He was an English Romantic Poet who actually introduced the romantic age in English literature.

Let’s list down some well renowned Brand names that are perfect Alliterations.

  1. Best Buy Co., Inc. is the well-known universal consumer electronics retail chain which has its head office in Richfield, Minnesota.
  2. Coca-Cola or Coke is a widely used carbonated soft drink manufactured and marketed by The Coca-Cola Company.
  3. Dunkin' Donuts is a multinational coffee and doughnut company from America.
  4. Krispy Kreme, Inc. is a doughnut company and coffeehouse chain quite famous in America.
  5. LifeLock Inc. is well known for identity theft protection and is based in Tempe, Arizona.
  6. Lulu lemon Athletica is a Canadian-American global athletic apparel retailer established in Delaware and head office based in Vancouver.
  7. Park Place Technologies is globally spread third-party data maintenance company with operations covering North America and Latin America.
  8. PayPal is a globally spread financial technology company functioning as an online payments system in most of the countries that assist online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.

Common Alliteration phrases that you can start using in your conversation:

  1. He is mostly busy as a bee due to his crucial role in the company.
  2. The man was lying dead as a doornail after the major car crash.
  3. She always insults me and get my goat the moment she starts.
  4. My car was so old and finally, it gave up the ghost right in the middle of the road.
  5. If you will teach the children good manners, they will grow up good as gold
  6. After a long vacation and all the trekking when I reached home my heart recite home sweet home
  7. Let them make fun of our poverty, with your efforts for success, you can still have the last laugh
  8. You should have not left the team in the lurch by quitting your job with resigning.
  9. My toddler’s screaming is making me stressed and I am literally mad as a March hare at times.
  10. Sports are equally rewarding and successful as a career still parents are always making a mountain out of a molehill on low grades.
  11. My friend wants to pursue acting as his career although I am sure he must be there must be a method to his madness
  12. You would usually see the neck and neck competition among best performers in the company.
  13. My mother keeps saying that do not be a nervous nelly and just starting playing in group, you would be used to the teamwork.
  14. My entire family was pleased as punch when I got the best grades in my 12th standard.
  15. After gaining unexpected property money my uncle went to the primrose path and spent all in vain.
  16. If you had only studied harder, you would have got the result as right as rain but you wasted your time
  17. He left to work abroad ride roughshod against his parents’ wish

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