Fun with Words - Common words spoken and used in English

Common words spoken and used in English

The English language has a vast number of words. Be it simple or complex, all words can be replaced by alternate words with a varying degree of change in their meaning. But how to harbor all these words in our mind. It does seem a little taxing. Right!

However strenuous it may sound, as an online English speaking course in India we are of the opinion that once we follow an easy pattern of working with words, it’s a walk in the park to memorize and use them. It’s wonderful how words can change the way a sentence sound. It makes a huge impact on your English speaking and writing skills.

We at Speechify, have been trying to improve vocabulary and speaking skills of our students in our online spoken English classes for last five years. Our online English tutors in India have largely figured out what works and what does not.

With daily conversations, social media, English newspapers and magazine articles, you can learn a lot of vocabulary words every day. However, it is extremely important to learn the right English vocabulary words, so that you don't waste your time memorizing a huge collection of words altogether and not being able to use them very often.

Commonly spoken English words

There are more than 3000 words that are generally used on a daily basis. Below are some commonly used words and their meanings that can help you to learn English online. And if you have not come across any words that are mentioned below, go through them carefully in order to understand instructions, grab English topics quickly, and be able to respond well to questions that are asked to you.

Actually- Indicates that a situation exists or happened, or to emphasize that it is true. For Example- I actually slept off while reading.

Always- Means every time. For Example- She always cooks on Sundays.

Animal- An animal is a living creature such as a dog, lion, or rabbit.

Ask- Means to say or to someone in order to obtain information. For Example- May I ask you something?

Bad- Something that is not pleasant. For Example- It is bad behaviour.

Beauty- Refers to a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. For Example- That scenery is a beauty!

Bed- a piece of furniture to sleep or rest. For Example- “A single bed”

Best- It means better than all others in quality or value. For Example- This is the best movie I’ve ever seen.

Big- Large in size. For Example- This is a big room.

Bird- An animal distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, a beak, and flying characteristics. For Example- Crow, Pigeon are birds.

Body- The full physical structure of a human being.

Book- A handwritten or printed on sheets of paper bound together within covers.

Boy- A male member. For Example- Hemant is a good boy.

Bring- To take or carry someone or something to a place. For Example- Please bring me a glass of water.

Call- To speak in a loud and a clear voice so as to be heard at a distance. For Example- I was in a call when you came.

Come- To arrive at a place. For Example- I come to this park every Monday.

Car- A vehicle with four wheels and have seats for a few people. For Example- I had a red car.

Child- A young person between infancy and youth.

City- A large town. For Example- I live in Delhi. It’s a big city.

Close- Very near. For Example- I live very close to my aunt.

Cold- Relatively low temperature. It is cold today, just 1 degree Celsius.

Colour- Appearance that it has as a result of the way in which it reflects light. Red, blue, and green are colours.

Come- To arrive at a particular place, end, result, or conclusion. For Example- I came to the church yesterday.

Country- The territory of a nation. For Example- I love my country.

Cry- To call for someone loudly or to shed tears. For Example- She cried a lot on getting low marks in exams.

Cut- To use a sharp tool such as a knife to break the surface of something. Example- I cut the apple with a knife.

Day- The period of light between sunrise and sunset

Earth- The planet where life exists.

Eat- Put (food) into the mouth and swallow such as eating food.

Family- A social group made up of parents and their children. For Example- I have four members in my family.

Father- A male parent

Fire- A chemical reaction that gives off light and heat.

Food- Any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth.

Friend- a person who you know well, who is usually not a member of your family. Example- Rashi is my close friend whom I met in school.

Game- An activity carried out for fun. For Example- Let’s play a game, “Dumb Charades”.

Girl- A female member

Give- to provide something to someone. For Example- I gave him my notes to study.

Go- To move from one place to another. For Example- I will go to Maldives next weekend.

Good- Agreeable or pleasant. For Example- It is a good meal.

Government- The group who officially controls the country.

Help- To assist someone. For Example- I helped my friend in his homework.

Home- A place where one lives.

Know- Having prior information. For Example- I know my duties well.

Language- A system of communication consisting of sound words.

Laugh- To smile while making sounds that show you think something is funny or you are happy. For Example- They laughed at his joke.

Learn- To gain knowledge. For Example- I learnt this yesterday from the internet.

Life- The period from birth to death

Love- an intense feeling of deep affection. For Example- I love my mother deeply.

Man- An adult male human being.

Money- A medium of exchange. For Example- I have little money in my pocket.

Mother- A female parent.

Music- An arrangement of sounds having melody and rhythm. For Example- I like soft music.

No- A negative response or to refuse anything. For Example- No I don’t know you

Number- A numeral or group of numerals. One, two, three are numbers.

Old- from a previous time or a period in the past. For Example- This is an old book.

People- A group of persons together.

Relationship- A close connection between two people. For Example- I have a good relationship with my team members.

School- A place of learning. For Example- I study in Martyrs School, London

Sleep-The resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious

Study- The activity or process of learning about something by reading.

Travel- To go from one place to another. For Example- I am travelling to South Africa tomorrow.

Walk- To move. For Example- I walk in the garden every day.

Water- The clear liquid that has no colour, taste, or smell

Woman- An adult female human being.

Work- To do a job that you are paid for. For Example- I work for this company.

Wrong- something that is not correct or true. For Example- This statement is wrong.

Yes- Used to give an affirmative response. For Example- Do you understand this question. “Yes”

It can be difficult to understand and use the words altogether. But, don’t give up, keep practicing the newly learnt words with friends, family and in your English classes.

Try and use the words in sentences and different situations whenever and wherever you can.

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