Speechify: Best Online English-Speaking Course in India

Speechify: Best Online English-Speaking Course in India

India is a diverse multilingual country. Indians speak over 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. If we further investigate dialects, the number will be 3 times greater! With globalization, Indians are now keener to learn global languages like English, Spanish etc.

Rapid urbanization has made newer job opportunities available in multiple diverse sectors, and English is the language spoken by all working professionals. Other than the opportunities in India, today’s Indian youth is also keen to work as expats in developed countries. Along with excellent job qualifications, up-to-date job skills for their sector of choice, many Indians must be thus fluent in English speaking.

So how does Speechify come into play here?

Speechify is the best online English speaking course. We believe in our motto that fluency in English is possible with consistent spoken English practice. We believe that English language education must be affordable to all our students irrespective of age groups and course fees.

So, what makes Speechify the number 1 Online English Speaking course in India

  1. Spoken English PracticeEnglish fluency comes with consistent spoken English practice. In our course sessions, our tutors ensure that the student speaks for 50 to 70% of the session duration
  2. Tailored Course Content- We believe that each student is unique and thus do not necessarily follow rigid course curriculums. Our expert tutors customize lessons so that each student makes the most form every session.
  3. Flexible Hours- Our students have the freedom to book their lessons as per their schedule Prior planning helps our students prepare for each lesson in advance. Thus, faster results!
  4. Expert English Tutors- Other than being thoroughly qualified, our teachers undergo rigorous screening processes and are trained to teach students online. We ensure that they employ good teaching techniques for online lesson delivery.
  5. Private Lessons- Every student is unique and their learning requirements are specific. Our tutors provide individual attention to each student with customized lessons ensuring that they meet their learning goals faster.
  6. Free Study Material- We provide free learning material to all our students. We have a plethora of practice guides for English grammar, English vocabulary, English writing skills etc
  7. Accent softening- We understand that our students are multilingual and their mother tongues impart heavy accents in their English speaking. We believe that accents are not necessarily bad but can be important especially when people are unable to understand your pronunciations. (You can read more on this here)
  8. Affordable Prices- We use technology smartly. Our clean processes ensure that we deliver quality content at best prices. We guarantee the lowest prices for online spoken English classes in India!

We do not wish to brag, but our simple formula for fluent English speaking is immensely successful. We strive to deliver quality education at affordable prices. You can try a free demo lesson today! We promise you shall not be disappointed.


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