Things to avoid while learning to speak English

Things to avoid while learning to speak English

Learning to speak fluent English takes practice. We daily meet students who have attempted speaking fluent English and for various reasons been unable to achieve fluency. As we have said before, English speaking is tricky but simple. At Speechify, we believe fluency in English is only possible through consistent spoken English practice.

The most crucial aspect of learning any new skill is having the right mindset! Here, we are enlisting the common mistakes we have observed in our students in their learning journey.

  1. Drop those negative thoughts!

The mental muscle to keep negativity at bay is something we all need to inculcate and this should not only be restricted to learning to speak a new language. It is said that we win half the battle if we nurture an optimistic mindset. Every time you feel overwhelmed in your learning journey, just take a deep breath, acknowledge that things are tough but keep going! Having a learning buddy as well can help you immensely.

  1. Be consistent

We have said this before and still stand by the simplest success mantra towards achieving English fluency. Fluency in English is only possible through consistent spoken English practice. Steady day to day progress will set the momentum right. You can read more on the different ways to achieve consistent English-speaking practice here:

  1. Keep things simple

Most things fail in execution when we attempt fancy schedules. Your learning lessons should be simple and actionable. Your commitment towards learning should include clear and foolproof methods. Define simple tasks for your everyday lessons like reading the newspaper aloud, speaking about your day with a friend etc. Speechify also offers free study material to help you in your assignments.

  1. Slow is better than nothing

There is no point fretting over the pace of your progress as far as you see results. Similarly, do not compare your journey with someone else’s. Every individual is different and so will be their learning journey. Steady progress in the longer haul will reward you!

  1. Do not hold back!

The learning journey may seem daunting and affect your confidence adversely. But English fluency is achievable! Remember, your goal is to communicate clearly in English. Do not be embarrassed by your accent, be proud that you are learning a new language.

At Speechify, we invest time on understanding our students. We identify their English fluency requirements and offer customized curriculum designed for faster outcomes. We offer one to one Skype English lessons at flexible hours and deliver tailored course content. Each lesson is designed in a manner that the student converses in English for 50 to 70% of the class session.

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