What makes Speechify the best online English speaking course?

What makes Speechify the best online English speaking course?

Speechify is the best online English speaking course available for improving English fluency. Now,  you might say it is a little presumptuous of us to assume that we are the best. Let us convince you why Speechify is on the top when it comes to taking spoken English classes online.

Maximum speaking practice time

We are not kidding when we say that fluency in English is only possible with regular practice. By now, this is almost common knowledge the best way to acquire fluency in a new language is to immerse in it. At Speechify, we do exactly that. In each class, you will be speaking for more than 60% of the time, giving you ample time to overcome confidence issues, small annoying quirks, and most importantly, a safe space to practice. As you speak for a significant duration of the class, our online English tutors get an absolute understanding of your mistakes and the areas where you need to improve. This is one of the reasons, why we are the best.

Emphatic Teachers

With the advent of online English speaking courses, anyone can become a teacher. Well, not at Speechify. At Speechify, we take only the most talented individuals who have a neutral accent and panache for teaching. But most importantly, we look for people who are willing to unlearn and understand our way of teaching. At Speechify, we teach our teachers to understand the student and design learning solutions that will work for each student. We don’t teach them to force-fit anything. We ensure that all of our teachers are disciplined, emphatic to student needs, and ensure a healthy learning environment. Our well-trained teachers set us apart from millions of poorly trained teachers in online spoken English courses available in the market.

Adaptive Curriculum

At Speechify, we know that each student is unique and learns in her own way. That is why, we at Speechify, make sure that we don’t force-fit any teaching method for the student. While we make sure that students feel uninhibited in the classes and speak, we achieve it in the way that is most suitable for each student. We are not here to do the same old boring exercise that you do at your local English coaching center. Our teachers are well trained in making use of interesting material, exercises to make each and every class useful and interactive. You will not find this in a lot of spoken English courses online.

100% Individual Attention

If you research well, you will find that a lot of online spoken English courses will offer personal attention, but in reality, you will be a part of a large group. Now, we all know that learning something online comes with its own challenges. To do it, with a group of 6-8 strangers, with varying degrees of internet connectivity and tech knowledge, is quite cumbersome, to say the least. That is why, we at Speechify, offer only one to one English speaking classes only. 100% attention to each student, every time, all the time.

Multiple Practicing Partners

Most of the online Spoken English courses let you take classes with only one teacher. While this may work for students who are at a very beginner level, for students who are at a more advanced level, the key to achieving fluency is practicing with multiple partners and getting qualified feedback to achieve language learning goals at the earliest. With other spoken English classes, it is simply not possible to interact with more than one teacher. Speechify uses technology to overcome this hindrance. At Speechify, with our friendly class booking system, you can choose to practice with multiple teachers. It does not mean you have to choose a different teacher for each class. It is totally up to you. If you want to stick with one teacher, you can do that. If you want to try practicing with more than one teacher, you can also do that. It is in your control. You can see the details about each teacher before booking classes, like the languages a teacher can speak, reviews from other students, experience, and an overall rating for the teacher.


While we are not a charity, we are also not here to empty your pockets. At Speechify, making use of free technology options available in the market, we are trying to bring down the cost of taking spoken English classes online. Our prices are the most affordable when it comes to one to one classes with online English tutors.


At Speechify, you decide your own schedule. We know and understand that in today’s busy world, it is difficult to maintain a regular schedule. So, we have designed our system in such a way that you can book each online English class at the time you want. If you want, you can choose a different time for each class according to your schedule. Speechify gives you control over your time. You can also cancel a booked class easily from our system with some notice. You won’t have to call anyone or message anyone or take confirmation from anyone to book or cancel a class. You, the student, will be in complete control. And lest we forget, if due to some emergency, you are not able to complete your lessons in due time, don’t worry. They will not expire. When you buy again, you will get your remaining lessons along with your new lessons.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a free demo lesson and see for yourself. It is time to overcome English and we are going to make sure that you achieve all your goals. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our classes soon !!!


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