Why are one-on-one English-speaking lessons better than group tuitions?

Are you looking to take an online English-speaking course? Both private/ one-on-one English lessons and group lessons are great, each with its own set of merits. However, for learning language speaking private lessons prove to be more successful.   

Focused approach-

One-on-one lessons operate in a more focused atmosphere. The tutor is able to identify the student’s learning requirements and provide personal attention wherever applicable. This way, each learner is treated uniquely and the lessons are customized to suit their needs.

Customized pace of lessons-

In private lessons, tutors able to pace lesson curriculum instead of a following a fixed schedule. Each learner will be able to analyze their mistakes and prioritize lessons accordingly. This is immensely helpful in English grammar and English writing lessons.

More Spoken English Practice-

Certain learners are shy in nature and group lessons may hamper their confidence when it comes to learning English fluency. In private lessons, the student is able to pay more attention to improving their word pronunciations without feeling intimidated.

Continuous Feedback-

In a personalized setting, the tutor can pin point improvement areas for their students. The friendly set-up encourages both the learner as well as the tutor to provide feedback on the go.

Better Outcomes-

With 100% attention on the learner, the lessons are obviously more effective. The learner progresses much quickly in each assignment. The learner benefits in terms of analyzing their mistakes first hand and only then move on to the next topic. This sets the tone for a strong learning foundation that stays with the learner in the long run.

Contrary to popular opinion, private one-on-one lessons are not always expensive. Post covid era has shown us how our lives have migrated to digital screens, and the offering need not be expensive for a private set-up.

Online English lessons however do not suit personalities that thrive on social interaction. Drop outs are high for these individuals since success of private lessons depend immensely on individual motivation levels. You may miss collaborative learning, making friends etc. that group tuitions offer.

However, learning English in a conversational style is much more effective for mastering English fluency quickly as well as for Professional/Business English lessons. A one-on-one learning set-up with a friendly tutor, customized pace of lessons is a successful formula for ensuring quick learning outcomes without spending more or affecting the quality of your learning.

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