Why speaking fluent English is important for your career?

Why speaking fluent English is important for your career?

If you are reading this article, you already are somewhat clear on the aspects of career growths driven by language skills (and that you are looking for ways to improve your English speaking!). English is the most common language spoken around the world. About 350 million people globally converse in English, which is about 20% of the earth’s population. A total of 195 countries speak English as natives or as their secondary official language.

This will give you an idea as to how knowing to speak in Eanglish can significantly put you on the radar for global career opportunities.

1.Better quality conversations

This applies both for spoken as well as written English. English speaking at work improves your ability to express yourself clearly. You are able to articulate well and put forth your ideas confidently. This improves your quality of conversations.

2.More connections and networking

Once you are able to present your good business ideas, people are bound to notice you. Your ability to converse clearly will help you connect well with your colleagues. You can make more friends at work and this really helps in improving workplace rapport. We all know that better networking at work means more business opportunities and smarter moneymaking.

3.Confidence boost

The ability to converse well will enable you with the confidence boost to excel at work. This will motivate you to not only conquer those ambitious career goals but will also sharpen your focus in your everyday assignments. You will strive to develop your performance by continuously learning new skills. A simple yet effective mantra towards success.

4.Better employability

Speaking English fluently will improve your employability in not only MNCs but also help you perform well in expat opportunities overseas. Studies show that people who speak English can command a hike of about 30% in salary negotiations while those who have mastered English as a primary language can earn even more!

Learning to speak fluent English may seem daunting but the right mix of efforts and tutoring can help you in your learning experience.

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